Impact Label 75G - the function is as same as shockwatch - impact indicator, shock sticker, shockindicator

Pass SGS Test · RoHs, REACH Patent Award

Made in Taiwan

WAN-YO Enterprise Co., Ltdwas established in 2009 and specializes in design,

low-cost production, high quality and excellent product.

In 2014, we manufactured Impact Label, Leaning Label and other brands. Up

to the present, we are participating in ISO standard operating procedure to guarantee

our product’s quality strictly. In the future, we will develop the program which can

combine with RFID and APP. Therefore our product can widely apply in order to

connect to the global trends technology.


97*97 mm(3.82*3.82 in)

1.Duration :0.5-50ms

2.Tolerance: ±15%

3.Operating Temperature :-20℃ to +80℃



6.Shelf life:2years(20℃/68℉)


(the function is as same as shockwatch, shocksticker, Imapct Label, Leaning Label, Tiltwatch,Shock sticker, Tilt sticker, Shock sticker label, Tilt sticker label, Impact Recorders, Tilt Sensors, shockindicator, tiltindicator)

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Impact Label

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